Is the ngCERT site secure?
Yes the ngCERT website is secure. The website has put in place adequate security measures to ensure that documents stored on the site are safe from corruption.
How can I send secured information or Report to ngCERT?
You can encrypt information or Report with our PGP key ID: bff035583da678bb1 and send to ngCERT through email (
Are Complaints or Information submitted to ngCERT confidential?
Yes your complaints or information are treated with utmost confidence.
How do I report a Cyber Incident?
You can report any cyber or computer related incident by using our “Report an Incident” Form. Ensure you provide all relevant information on the incident or call +234 9055554498 or email to
Who can subscribe or Join ngCERT website Newsletters?
Individuals or corporate organizations can subscribe to or join ngCERT Newsletters. In doing so, you subscribe to receiving security Alerts, Advisories and Tips on vulnerabilities, malwares, etc.
How do I subscribe to ngCERT?
You can encrypt information or Report with our PGP key ID: bff035583da678bb1 and send to ngCERT through email (
Can I decide or choose which platform(s) to be receiving Advisories on?
Yes, you can select your preferred platforms from the existing platforms or send a mail to requesting for inclusion or serve you with a platform not yet available on the website.
After my Initial choice, can I always update choice of platform(s) or unsubscribe ngCERT website Newsletter?
Yes, you can update your choice of platform(s) or unsubscribe to ngCERT website Newsletter by sending your request to
How do I know I have been attacked?
You have been attacked or under attack if:
  • a. There is an unauthorized access or attempt to gain such access to your system or data.
  • b. Your device is being used for the processing or storing of data by an unauthorized user.
  • c. There is a malicious disruption or complete denial to normal operation of your device (Denial of service attack).
  • d. There is an unauthorized change to your device’s configuration or installation of software, hardware or firmware.
How do I guide against cyber-attacks?
Cyber criminals don’t just attack your computer devices, network, information, etc. They are attracted to carrying out successful attack base on available or created loopholes (vulnerability) on your systems. To guide against cyber-attacks therefore, do the following:
  • a. Ensure that you always update your computer software as these updates provide fixes to known vulnerabilities.
  • b. Connect your computer only to secure networks.
  • c. Ensure to grant permission for installation or download of software only from a trusted source.
  • d. Do not click or open a file on your computer from an untrusted source.
  • e. Always report suspicious activities on your computer to ngCERT.