Security Quality Management Services

These services are familiar services designed to advance the global security of the Nigerian cyberspace through audit and training in order to minimize risk. ngCERT designed such services to incorporate feedback and lessons learned based on knowledge gained by responding to incidents, vulnerabilities and attacks. Feeding such experiences into the established traditional services will improve the long-term security efforts of ngCERT operations. Presently, ngCERT undertakes:

Awareness Building

To better conform to accepted security practices and organizational security policies, ngCERT ascertains where constituents need more information and guidance. The team assists in increasing the general cybersecurity awareness of the constituent population in order not to only improve their understanding of security issues but to also help them perform their day-to-day operations in a more secure manner. This further reduce the occurrence of successful attacks and increase the probability that constituents will detect and report attacks, thereby decreasing recovery times and eliminating or minimizing losses.

In performing this service, ngCERT develops articles, posters, newsletters, web sites and other informational resources that explain security best practices and provide advice on precautions to take. ngCERT also conducts stakeholders’ meetings and seminars to keep constituents up to date with ongoing security procedures and potential threats.

If you suspect that you are a victim of a data breach, you can contact us for guidance or for our forensic analysis services.